Mental Health and Black Girl Magic


Last week, after the grief blog was published, I was approached by a former classmate in a store. We made small talk about life and how our children were. Before parting, she told me how helpful my blogs were for her every week. As you can imagine I was super shocked, and extremely delighted. Not delighted because people are reading my blogs, but because my blog had done exactly what I intended it to do, help someone.

She explained to me that in her family, mental health is not really a top priority. She told me about how being the only girl in her family with two older brothers, if it didn’t revolve around sports her parents weren’t really interested. She explained to me that before she was diagnosed, she suffered from depression and anxiety for years. She explained to me that her mom and grandmother had both told her to, “suck it up”, about her depression.sad girl

Fast forward to the end of the week, I was scrolling on Facebook and found an article about African American families and mental health. Per usual, I saw something on mental health so of course I read it, plus the girl I had just spoken with a few days prior was indeed an African American female.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “what does this white girl know about anything in the African American home?”. Truth be told, probably not much. However, as the mother of a biracial child, who has dated African American boys, and who has many friends who just happen to be black, I like to think I am a little informed of the African American culture.  black girl

I have always heard about and seen the differences among races. There’s the stereotypes, the food, and even different slang between white and black people in my small town of Laurens, South Carolina. Of all things, I would have never imagined that mental health would be a topic that was completely opposite in these two races.

However, I was very wrong.

In the article, the author talked about how even as a grown mother of 3 with her PsyD in Clinical Psychology, her family still mocked her about her mental health issues. After more research, I found how common this was for the African American community, especially for girls.


After reading this article, my heart hurt for every girl who has been told to “suck it up or “get over it” while battling with her mental health.get over.jpeg

As an avid “googler” I decided to find a list of famous African American females who openly talked about their mental health. I feel like many times people can relate more, to people whom they are like. (Not just the white girl who never hushes about how important mental health is.) I decided to list these females, in hopes that maybe just one girl can tell her friend or family member that she can openly talk about her mental health because, Beyoncé or Kerry Washington (that’s Olivia Pope) does.

Listed below are four of the most fierce and recognized women in Hollywood. These ladies have all been openly interviewed about their mental health.

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Kerry Washington
  3. Oprah
  4. Halle Berry

Now, I am not telling you to back talk your grandma or mama, but next time someone tells you to “get over it” about your mental health, make sure you tell them that if Queen Bey can openly talk about mental health, then you can too!


Keep on, Keeping on. *Now go show the world that Black girl magic is real*


Katheryn Burton

Clemson University, BS Psychology ’18

Case Management Intern

Destination Greatness, PLLC

Dedicated to the old friend in Target, and all my girls. XOXO


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