Self-Harm Awareness Month


As March commences, so does Self-Harm Awareness month. According to, around “1 in 5 females self-harm”, and around “1 in 7 males do” too. These numbers are almost identical to the amount of people who suffer from some form of mental illness in the United States. Of the reported cases, around 90% of individuals who turn to self-injury say they began doing so during their teenage or pre-teenage years.



These numbers are shocking, it means that you likely know someone who self-harms, or who has turned to self-harm in the past.


Though there are many ways someone may choose to self-harm, the most visible ways are cutting, burning, and hitting oneself.


It is important for everyone to have some knowledge about self-harm. If someone you know is currently self-harming, please seek the appropriate help. By seeking help, you are ensuring they are not going to permanently damage themselves.

If someone tells you they are self-harming, it is suggested that you remain calm and appear caring and compassionate. Let them know that you are still accepting of them, even if you disagree with their choices. It is important to let them know that you are not panicking about the situation, and that you do not threaten them in attempt to get them to stop.


More information about Self Harm can be found at,



Keep on, keeping on.



Katheryn Burton

Clemson University, BS Psychology ’18

Case Management Intern

Destination Greatness, PLLC


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About Destination Greatness

Destination Greatness is a mental health and substance abuse psychotherapy agency dedicated to assisting individuals and families in maximizing their level of functioning on all life domains in pursuit of Greatness. Destination Greatness provide individuals and families with the opportunity to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Destination Greatness strives to enrich each individual and family through greater self-awareness, focus on strengths, and belief in a greater destiny.



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