Mental Health and High School Students


There is no doubt that people who suffer from Mental Health issues, need extra support. Regardless if it comes from a parent, friend, sponsor, or teacher, just having one person to believe in you can drastically increase self-confidence. Increasing self-confidence will increase self-wellness over time.


In particular, students need someone who is willing to call and check in on them once or twice a week at most. This is true for students of just about any age, but high school students in particular. High school can be a rough time and even harder for students who are suffering from mental illnesses that may or may not be


By checking in on the student you are showing them they have someone who cares about them and that they are important to someone.


Parents, make sure you talk to your kids about their mental wellness. Try to understand what they are going through, but also understand they may want to talk to someone other than you about issues related to mental health. Try to encourage them to make the best decisions for their lives. However, if they do not make the best decision, remember they are still your child and support them no matter what comes next.


Keep on, keeping on.



Katheryn Burton

Clemson University, BS Psychology ’18

Case Management Intern

Destination Greatness, PLLC

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About Destination Greatness

Destination Greatness is a mental health and substance abuse psychotherapy agency dedicated to assisting individuals and families in maximizing their level of functioning on all life domains in pursuit of Greatness. Destination Greatness provide individuals and families with the opportunity to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Destination Greatness strives to enrich each individual and family through greater self-awareness, focus on strengths, and belief in a greater destiny.






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