MENtal Health: The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in Men


Last week in my life span development class, we learned that in the United States although more women attempt suicide, more men die because of suicide.

This statistic was not surprising to me, as I know that there is a lack of mental health awareness for men in the United States.


As the mother of a boy, I know it is easy to just want your son to be athletic and “tough” all the time. You forget to encourage them to talk about their feelings and that it is okay There are pressures from other family members and competition between male siblings and cousins to be the best at athletics. While focusing on athletics, boys tend to forget about their mental wellness. However, it is extremely important to stress mental wellness to young boys and men.


By encouraging mental health awareness for men and young boys you are setting them up for a less stressful future. Individuals who understand the importance of mental wellness tend to be less stressed throughout life.


You are also decreasing the amount of physical aggression and anger in men by teaching them how to talk about mental illness issues and how to live a healthy lifestyle when it comes to mental wellness. According to the National Institution of Mental Health, “some men with depression or anxiety disorders hide emotions” causing them to “appear angry or aggressive when they express their emotions”.


By teaching your sons, nephews, and husbands to effectively express and talk about their mental wellness, one is helping them live a better lifestyle.

Remember it is completely okay for boys to express their feelings! Everyone deserves to be able to talk about their mental wellbeing, including males!



Keep on Keeping on.


Katheryn Burton

Clemson University, BS Psychology ’18

Case Management Intern

Destination Greatness, PLLC


About Destination Greatness

Destination Greatness is a mental health and substance abuse psychotherapy agency dedicated to assisting individuals and families in maximizing their level of functioning on all life domains in pursuit of Greatness. Destination Greatness provide individuals and families with the opportunity to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Destination Greatness strives to enrich each individual and family through greater self-awareness, focus on strengths, and belief in a greater destiny.



Shanna A. Jefferson

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