5 Warning Signs of Depression

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Are you depressed?

Today is National Depression Screening Day.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an estimated 16 million American adults—almost 7% of the population—had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. (www.nami.org).

It’s time to tell everyone who’s dealing with a mental health issue that they’re not alone, and that getting support and treatment isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength”.-First Lady Michelle Obama

5 Warning Signs of Depression

  1. A lack of interest in activities that the person used to be interested in. Typically, people who suffer from depression lose interest in doing things that they once enjoyed doing. This can range as anything from dropping out of social events like clubs and sports teams, to walling themselves off from outsiders with whom they once shared a hobby. This symptom of depression typically goes on to worsen the condition, because it hurts some of the social relationships that depression sufferers previously engaged in.
  2. A noticeable change in eating habits is another big warning sign of depression. While there are obviously a number of reasons why one might change their diet, big shifts in weight gain and/or weight loss typically signify a loss of interest in eating or a lackadaisical attitude towards making food. This symptom, in turn, can negatively impact a depression sufferer’s physical health.
  3. Suddenly noticing an increase in the number of headaches, stomachaches and physical symptoms is another sign of depression. While depression in itself is a mental condition, it is often accompanied by a number of physical discomforts like headaches and stomachaches.
  4. Constant fatigue or an inability to sleep is a big warning sign of depression. This can either come as a slight problem with sleeping enough to feel fully rested, or it can be full-blown insomnia. Waking up too early or constantly waking up during the night are other common signs of depression.
  5. The most serious sign of depression is thoughts of suicide or hurting oneself. Unlike the other symptoms, which on their own can be indicators of a number of conditions, this particular sign almost always signals depression.

(Source http://www.psyweb.com)


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