3 Reasons To See a Therapist

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Should I, or should I not, go see a therapist?  We often ask ourselves that very question, especially around the holidays!  Here are the top three reasons to see a professional!

Large Changes in Your Life

If you are experiencing a big change in your life like a move, new job or a change in a relationship it could be an indicator that you can use some help transitioning.  A therapist can guide you through proven strategies and help you develop skills to deal with large changes.

Large changes in your life can often be accompanied by a lot of work.  Such as packing up for a move or learning new skills at a new job.  The busy work can distract from the build-up of stress.  Speaking with a therapist can help avoid any additional stress or unhealthy repercussions down the road.

Having Dangerous Thoughts.

Wanting to hurt yourself or others is a warning sign you need help.  There is a difference between thoughts and action, but thinking about acting is a precursor to acting.  Being a danger to yourself or others is clear red flag and getting help is easy.  A quick Google search or locations in your area or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or Crisis Text Line can help.


If you need an external resource to deal with issues around you it’s a clear sign to seek a therapist.  The skill set they can equip you with will help you avoid self-medicating and work through the stress in a healthy way.

In some situations, medication can be prescribed which when monitored by a professional is a lot less dangerous then medicating yourself through alcohol drugs or binge eating.  Other forms of self-medication include overworking, video games and gambling, Any external practice that is used to avoid the real world.  The domino effect self-medicating can have is alarming and seeking help can save your life and the relationships around you with your loved ones.




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Take 10 For Mental Wellness

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There are countless ways mental illness can affect one’s life. Whether it is a person withdrawing from society or someone self-harming, effects of mental illness are real. There are many ways to help yourself if you suffer from a mental illness. But are there ways to help yourself without medication and if your counselor or therapist cannot see you on the spot?

If you guessed yes, you are 100% correct.

Many people find that just taking a walk outside in the fresh air helps or taking a hot bubble bath at night are instant stress relievers. While others say, their relief comes after coloring in an adult coloring book. Whatever you choose, it is helpful for your mental wellbeing to take a break, even if it is just a 10 minute one!


Most of the time we get so caught up in our significant others, kids, and friend’s lives that we don’t remember to properly care for ourselves (as a mom I am guilty as charged). By taking ten minutes out of the day to relax and think about only yourself will help relieve stress. It will help you refocus and get back on tract if you were having a hard time staying on track. It is important to find something that can relax you without distracting you from the rest of the day!

I promise if you allow yourself to take 10 minutes to relax daily, you will see improvements in your mental health.

Hang in there, it gets better!

Katheryn Burton

Clemson University, BS Psychology ’18

Case Management Intern

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